:) It's my little bro's birthday!



February 25, 2010

Unfortunately, we're downsizing. It's expected at this stage in the contract but it doesn't make the process any less difficult. Several friends have been notified of their 'date' and are now putting finishing touches to their resumes as they begin their job search. Mike and I have been passing their resumes forward to contacts we have who have advertised positions to fill but of course there are no guarantees! Hopefully they'll find a rewarding position as they continue on their career path...

It's another weekend in Wisconsin for me. I'll be meeting the girls for some more cooking classes. This weekend's menu is seafood. YUM!

February 16, 2010

We spent the last weekend in Wisconsin with the entire family. With my brother in Boston and my sister and I traveling/working overseas, it's been a long time since our entire family was in Wisconsin. By a long time, I mean over two years..maybe closer to four... let's see how long it is before we can do it again...

I crossed the break-in mileage mark on the Mini on the way back. Guess this means I can start driving as they do in the Italian Job. :) I was pleased to discover the Mini makes it from home in Wisconsin (north of Milwaukee) to home in St. Louis on one tank of gas, even at a steady 73mph. Couldn't do that in the VW!

A local Wisconsin restaurant offered clients the opportunity to dine free on Presidents Day provided the patrons could recite all the Presidents, in order, by memory. My lil' bro took a stab at it and reportedly became the only guest to do so successfully. Impressive! I wouldn't stand a chance.

I lost

The results are in and I didn't even make the top three... or the top female! I tried so hard! The competition did help reach the half way mark to my goal so I'm happy with that. Due to popular demand, we will complete a second round starting in two weeks... Let's see if I can keep the weight off (and/or momentum going!) before now and then. I just want to fit back in my motorcycle leathers!

We are forecast to receive foul weather today. They are talking almost 4 inches! (oh my!) At least I'll have an opportunity to test the Mini in snow. Anyone want to come do donuts in the parking lot with me?

February 1, 2010

When my Dad was in Oman for Desert Storm, my sister had a tough time dealing with his long absences. To bring a smile to her face, he sent her a certificate which identified her as the 'favorite daughter'. She has held the certificate over my head ever since.

While visiting the family this weekend, the topic of 'who is the favorite' came up in passing. Of course, there can be no discussion when one daughter holds a certificate with the title, so the discussion was brief...but to my surprise! a smile was brought to MY face when a certificate was bestowed upon me the next morning....

"Best All-Around Daughter Award"

Not too shabby if you ask me! I think I shall frame and hang. :P

Meet Duncan

Mike and I have been test driving vehicles for months and in the process, have gone back and forth between cars and whether or not we'll actually replace my beloved Jetta with something shiny and new. Who knew it would be a Mini!? I've never pictured myself in one until I test drove it. What a surprise!

So now, I am the proud owner of Duncan. Duncan is a zippy 2010 Mini Clubman Sport. He's grey - almost titanium colored with black racing stripes down the hood. He has black leather interior and is trimmed with a 6 speed manual transmission, dual sunroof and sport, convenience, and cold weather packages. He's roomy enough to accommodate four average adults comfortably...and even proved capable of carrying a 6'5" giant with room to spare. The trunk space is adequate for my needs and with the seats folded down, offers more space than the Jetta did for cargo. Why Duncan? It's a British name, for a British car, and means "Dark Warrior". :) Suiting eh?

January 21, 2010

I'm officially done with Zoto :( Their site is down once again and the message posted indicates it may be forever. It's going to take me FOREVER to load all my pictures to a new photo hosting site. I am NOT looking forward to it. It's such a bummer because I was really pleased with Zoto...until they started having their technical issues. The new hosting site? Why not Picasa.

Tomorrow is the third weigh in for our biggest loser. Blah. It's not been a good week....and tonight's Girl's Night Out at Happy Hour will not support the cause. (maybe a last ditch effort with a run before weigh in? sauna session?) I think I will pull through with no net effect but the mid-week weigh ins have proved I'll be at the bottom of the heep... At least Mike is doing well :)